This Loyal Doggo In China Went Viral and Proves Humans Just Don't Deserve Dogs

People all over the globe have fallen head over heels in love with the loyal doggo you are about the meet. He waits outside the train station, every single day, for twelve hours, until his owner comes home from work. Another loyal doggo that proves we, as humans, sometimes don’t deserve them.

This story unquestionably illustrates why we fight so hard for animals here at Animals Being Cute. We hope to make everyone as kind to them as they deserve. They only want to love us unconditionally and get the same in return.


Meet Xiongxiong. He is a fluffy brown beauty, and his name means “bear” in Chinese. He is an older boy at 15 years of age. Mr. Chen has had him for the past eight or so years, he said.

Image via Bored Panda

Every day, when Mr. Chen leaves early for work, Xiongxiong follows him to the metro station. And every day he faithfully stays right there until Mr. Chen returns, which is 12 long and lonely hours.

A local reporter noticed Xiongxiong outside the station one day and decided to watch and see what happened. All day long, different people stopped and petted him and attempted to give him food. You see, Xiongiong is a very mannerly dog, and he doesn’t take food from strangers.


He’s only interested in waiting for his dad. According to the reporter, “the Bear” is nice to the people passing by and stopping for photos, but “his eyes were always looking towards the station.” He even stays right there when it rains.

Image via Bored Panda

As soon as Mr. Chen arrives on his train, in the video posted below, you can see Xiongxiong’s adorable reaction. He is so happy to see his dad, his whole demeanor changes. With a few happy yips and lots of tail wags, he greets his dad like he was away forever.

Image via Bored Panda

Xiongxiong is quite famous now. People stop by the station just to hang out with him and take photos. But he doesn’t care about that. He only cares that his dad gets back off that train.

Image via Bored Panda

Mr. Chen worries a little about Xiongxiong’s old age.

“I hope our relationship will last,” said Mr. Chen. “I honestly don’t know how long he can carry on.”

I am pretty sure every dog owner that reads this understands precisely what Mr. Chen was talking about when he said that. None of us get enough time on this earth with our wonderful four-legged friends.

We are so lucky to have dogs in our lives. They are little fluffy blessings with cold noses and unconditional love.

What would you give if only your dog could live forever? Tell me in the comments.

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