This Maine Coon Kitten Looks All Too Human And People Are Spellbound (VIDEO)

Sometimes you see something that manages to be cute and yet freaks you out at the same time. This adorable Maine Coon kitten, named Valkyrie, seems to fit in that category. She’s a beautiful kitten, but she’s also very unusual-looking, with a face that’s vaguely…human.

Image by Catsville County Instagram via BoredPanda

Maine Coon Kitten’s Human-Like Face Goes Viral

What is it about this kitty’s face that kind of gives her a human quality? She looks somewhat pensive, with an expression that almost suggests she knows what you’re thinking. Even though her little kitten-blue eyes are still changing color, she looks at you as if to say she’s seen everything. She’s only two months old, but maybe an old soul lives inside.

Image by Cattsvillcounty Instagram via BoredPanda

Or maybe it’s just those cute Yoda ears

Image by Catsvillcounty Instagram via BoredPanda

Whatever it is, little Valkyrie, born at a cattery for Maine coon kitties in Russia, became internet-famous when her owner, Tatiana Rostorgueva posted a video of the smoky-colored furball on her Instagram account. But the video didn’t take off like gangbusters until a re-post from LADbible on its Facebook page. When that happened, the video flew like a rocket, going viral to the tune of more than 11 million views in only a week.

Yowza! Here’s Valkyrie’s cute video below.

This Maine Coon Kitty Certainly Has Her Fans:

Undoubtedly part of what gives Valkyrie this almost human quality is the fact that she is a Maine Coon cat. These gorgeous cats are intelligent and extremely personable. My dear sister has been owned by many of these gentle, gorgeous cats over the years and they have a mellow, lovable grace that makes them the perfect cuddle bugs.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Because of their personalities, Maine Coons have earned the nickname “gentle giants,” and are also called the “dogs of the cat world,” reports. While they can be shy at first, they warm up to people and other animals and are quite friendly. The site even notes they can get along with children. However, it’s important to note that kids should be taught how to interact properly with cats. It’s difficult after all, to stress out a Maine Coon kitty, but it’s not impossible, and screaming boisterous kids will almost certainly do that. And at the end of the day, no matter how calm these guys are, they are still cats.

Take A Look At How Beautiful Maine Coon Cats Are:

Image license CC0 by Lepale via Pixabay Image license CC0 by bella67 via Pixabay Image License CC0 by FabCDJR via Pixabay Image license CC0 by frau-m via Pixabay Image license CC0 by Jahhoo via Pixabay

Maine Coon cats may well be the largest of all the domestic cat breeds. Males can weigh between 15 to 25 lbs, while females are usually smaller at 11 to 20 lbs. Their size means they are just perfect for cuddling up against you in bed — something they love to do.

And Maine Coon Kitties Have A Long History

One legend has it that before her execution, Marie Antoinette was trying to escape to Wiscasset, Maine, with the help of Captain Clough, a New England seaman who was in France at the time, according to She sent six of her cats ahead of her trip, and reportedly a house, possibly built by Clough, still stands across from the Sheepscot River in Wiscasset. But in all likelihood, this story is only a legend, and that’s it.

It’s thought that the Maine Coon breed is a result of matings between short-haired domestic cats and long-haired cats from overseas, perhaps brought over by New England seamen, or probably by the Vikings.

If you’re like me, you may prefer rescuing cats and dogs, rather than purchasing from breeders, and fortunately, there are places where you can adopt these beautiful cats. My kind-hearted sister has rescued many of these kitties, and it’s been a rewarding experience. Places like California-based MaineCoonAdoptions, a no-kill shelter may have just the kitty for you. If you’re in a situation where you can’t take in a kitty, donations are always appreciated.

And in the meantime, you can watch adorable Valkyrie in the video below.

Featured image by Catsvillcounty Instagram via Bored Panda

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