This Man Calls His Cat While He's Gone –The Cat's Reaction To Dad Coming Home? Heartmelting

We all know that our animals miss us when we’re gone. With the advent of video chat technology, people are finding new and exciting ways to keep in touch with their pets. With the use of exciting video chat tech, it easier than ever to keep in touch with our pets no matter where we are geographically.


One couple that lives in Belarus has a very special cat named Pusic. Pusic almost died when he was a baby. Someone dumped the poor little thing on the young couple’s porch while they were on vacation. Together, the pair nursed the ailing kitten back to health and saved his life.

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Pusic had a rough start. He knows exactly how lucky he is to have parents that cared for him enough to save his life. He is incredibly attached to his parents, and he hates it when they have to leave the house. So, the couple found a workaround to help ease Pusic’s anxiety when they are on the road.


First, as all cats do, it was time to “help” dad pack his bags.

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You see, Pusic’s dad was taking off for a few days to do some snowboarding. Unfortunately, while Pusic does know many tricks, snowboarding is not one of them. His dad had to leave him behind.

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Not to worry, though, because that little kitty’s dad had a plan.


With some help from people at home, Pusic’s dad hoped to be able to ease the kitty’s fears by connecting with him over video chat. But, would it work?

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Dad sat down in front of his phone with his hopes high that Pusic would respond in some way. Then it was time to find out.

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Dad shouts and called for Pusic. On Pusic’s video, it’s clear that the cat recognizes that voice straight away. He heads straight for the laptop that his parents left on the floor for easy access.

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Adorably, Pusic walks all around the laptop, trying to figure out where his dad is hiding.

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It doesn’t take long, though, for the smart little guy to figure it out.

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It’s the end of the video, however, that will truly touch your heart. It’s so obvious when Pusic’s dad walks through the door that both man and cat are head-over-heels in love with each other. Their greeting is the most adorable thing you will see today.

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As I was researching for this piece, I found out that Pusic is quite famous is Belarus. He knows all sorts of tricks that are so impressive his YouTube channel has 430,000 subscribers.

Pusic can do tricks like playing dead, playing soccer with a tiny ball, and fetches just like a dog. You can find all those videos and more on his YouTube channel.

For now, please view and enjoy the sweet video chat and homecoming video posted below and share this with your friends to make them smile today, as well.

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