This man put a camera in a bowl of water and set it on the street for animals to drink out of


Animals and people can live without food much longer than they can live without water. Being hungry is a sad thing, but if food is eventually consumed the survival rate is good. But water, on the other hand, is something needed daily, even hourly depending on exertion levels and how hot it is out. One kind man named Ahmet Selki in Turkey has made it his mission to make sure all of the animals in his area has clean water. Let’s take a look at how he accomplishes this, and a cool thing is that he has captured images of the animals that drink from his water bowls!


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Facebook / Kimyasal Pazarı

When talking about water Selki said, “They don’t have a chance to find a clean river in the city, or a lake or any other natural water source, so it is our duty to provide fresh water, both during summer and other seasons.”


Facebook / Kimyasal Pazarı

Selki puts a water bowl outside on the sidewalk every day for animals who may need a drink. One day Selki thought he would put a camera at the bottom of the bowl to capture images of the animals.


Facebook / Kimyasal Pazarı

“The results were amazing,” Selki said.

“Not only was it cats and dogs, but a crow and butterflies came up to have a drink too.”


Facebook / Kimyasal Pazarı

Selki hopes that others will be inspired by his act of kindness to animals. “I hope that all of us will always remember that we are responsible for all the animals,” Selki said.

“We destroyed or shaped the whole planet in the direction of our needs. It’s time to think about the other species too. So, people, always leave clean freshwater and maybe some food nearby to feed the animals.”

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