This Man Said His Cat Was Cuter Than Anyone Else’s And Other Cat Owners Were Not Happy


You don’t have to be on social media long to know that people can post controversial items on there. Depending on who your friends are that are seeing and responding to your post, you may witness a lot of drama. Political opinions can especially give rise to heated debates. Usually, cute animal posts are safe to post since most people enjoy seeing adorable animals. However, one guy posted a photo of his cat and claimed it was cuter than anyone else’s. You can imagine that cat lovers had to put their two cents in. The end result is a lot of adorable cat photos for all to enjoy.


It seems very likely that Twitter user @DozznutOperator had an ulterior motive when he tweeted that his cat was cuter than others. He also added, “fight me.” Many cat owners accepted the challenge. People responded by posting adorable photos of their cats.




The Thread Filled Up Quickly With Cute Cat Photos


Before long the whole thread was filled with cute cat photos. It seems obvious that people knew the guy was joking by saying that his cat was cuter than others. This was the drama that the world of social media could use more of. Whatever it takes to have people come together and share pet photos is time well spent.


Take a look for yourself and see what you think. Is his cat cuter than the others? How would you feel if his post came up on your Twitter account? Would you take the bait and respond with photos of your cat to show that yours is cuter?












Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder it probably is the same with cuteness being in the eye of the beholder also. We can’t say for sure whose cat is the cutest, but I think a whole lot of people must have had a cuteness overload just by looking at these photos.


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