Newborn Puppy Was Dumped On The Street, Crying–Fights For His Life

Newborn Pup Dumped

It’s always sad when dogs–or any animals–are abandoned, but it’s especially deplorable when a newborn animal is dumped on the streets.

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On a sidewalk in Romania, Joy had to fight for his life fresh out of his mother’s womb. Thankfully, he didn’t have to fight that battle alone for long. Howl of a Dog, an animal rescue organization, found Joy and took him in. Thanks to their care, Joy lived and grew strong again.

As a newborn, his struggle was great. At his age, puppies can’t yet see or hear. They don’t have any teeth yet and they don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperature. That’s why if you see a litter of puppies sleeping, they’re always doing so in a pile of littermates.

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Because of these challenges, rehab for Joy was no mean feat, Howl of a Dog saw him through. The surprising part of his recovery is that despite his abandonment, Joy’s heart was open enough to trust humans. It only took a week with Howl of a Dog for Joy to comfortably cuddle the humans caring for him and drink milk from a bottle.

At three weeks old, Joy made a new best friend: a stuffed animal in the shape of a white Siberian tiger. When Joy met the other dogs at Howl of a Dog, he was still the smallest by far, but the other dogs fell in love with Joy and let him climb all over them, welcoming him into the pack.

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At Christmastime, Joy got the best present any pup could hope for: a forever home. He was adopted by a family in the Netherlands. “They were so eager to meet Joy that they couldn’t wait another day,” rescuers from Howl of a Dog said. “They decided to drive across Europe to personally pick him up.”

Howl of a Dog met Joy’s new family in Vienna to deliver Joy–and his white Siberian tiger toy–to their loving care.

Watch Joy’s story:

Source: YPosts

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