South African Pastor Was Horrified When He Saw What Was Tied Up Next To The Train Tracks

When Lourens Van Wyk, a retired pastor who lives in Capetown South Africa was driving home one day, he made a horrific discovery. He spotted a plastic bag by the tracks, and it seemed suspicious. He was concerned that there was perhaps a human baby inside. What he found was not a human baby, but it was undoubtedly helpless and abandoned.

There are certain people who should never be allowed anywhere near animals, including the monsters capable of doing something like this.


What Van Wyk found, instead of a baby, was a poor little dog. The pupper had his little legs and mouth tied together with a shoelace. It was painfully evident that the little guy was suffering horribly. He could barely move on his own or breathe, for goodness sake.

This doggy has just arrived at our kennels. His mouth and legs were tied up and he was dumped on railway tracks in a plastic bag. He has had lots of yummy food and lots of TLC from us, and is doing well.

Posted by Animal Welfare Helderberg on Monday, July 13, 2015

The kindhearted pastor knew right away that if he didn’t find help for this dog, he would not make it.

He rushed the dying dog to a veterinarian and reached out to the Helderberg Animal Welfare Society for help. The society had the resources, you see, to make sure the little doggo got the best possible care.


They named the dog Trax, and they got right to work. At the scene, the pastor didn’t dare remove the shoelaces without help, he didn’t want to injure Trax, so they started there.

“A little update on Trax – The doggy who arrived at our kennels yesterday after being rescued off the train tracks, in a plastic bag with his mouth and 4 feet tied together. After cutting all the ropes off him, our vet examined him, and he got a thorough health check.” wrote the society in a post on social media.

Sadly, the abuse Trax suffered was severe. The abuse was so severe, and he was hit so often in his little head, that it twitches to this day. The doctors also suspect that he has had concussions, as well. On top of all that, he had mange. They really had their work cut out for them.

A little update on Trax – the doggy who arrived at our kennels yesterday after being rescued off the train tracks, in a…

Posted by Animal Welfare Helderberg on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Within a few days, however, little Trax started to perk up. With love and tender care from the kind people at the rescue, he began to learn that humans were kind. It wasn’t long at all before he started to love spending time with his new human friends.


It took quite some time for Trax to recover from his many injuries. He was kept at the rescue while he healed and they found a suitable family for him.

A little update for all our Trax fans!! He is doing simply great!!! And what a tail wag we get when we give him love

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