This Poor Little Puppy Was Slipping Away– Vets Were Stumped Until They Blood Tested Him

Sadly, high-kill shelters exist, and thousands of dogs die in one every single year. Sometimes, shelters don’t have a choice. They need to either make room for new animals, or a dog is too sick or injured for them to be able to fix it.

Now and then, though, a good Samaritan comes alone, like the people at the Vet Ranch, and they save a precious life. Workers there took one look at little Ice the Husky puppy and decided to do everything they could to save him.


When Ice showed up at Vet Ranch, things did not look good for the little guy. Doctors there gave him a low chance of survival. The poor pupper had severe anemia, a horrible hookworm infestation, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and even tested positive for Parvo.

Who knows what poor Ice must have been through before coming to the rescue, considering the shape he was in?

They knew that it would be an uphill battle, but the vets went right to work. They wanted to do everything in their power to give Baby Ice a chance at a better life.


Little Ice was shockingly sick. The initial blood work came back, and Ice’s anemia was much more severe than the doctors realized. On top of that, his blood sugar levels were so low; he was nearly in a coma.

In the picture below, Ice looks like he is anesthetized but, sadly, he was so sick he was too weak to care what anyone was doing to him.

Doctors did an IV treatment and started a blood transfusion, and managed that way to get Ice out of death’s door, but they weren’t home free yet. Ice was still horribly weak and still didn’t react when they had to change his needles.


Within just a few hours after the IV and the blood transfusion, Ice was finally able to lift his head up on his own for the very first time.

Everyone in the office jumped for joy! Look at that hopeful look in his little eyes.

Still, Ice had a long way to go before he was back on his feet, though. The Parvo upset his tummy and, for a while, he didn’t want to eat. No matter how tempting the food was.

It took more than a week before Ice began to lick at some food. That was one sick little puppy. When he did finally eat, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, they were confident that Ice was going to be fine.


What a difference! Within two weeks, Ice went from being nearly in a coma to eating up a storm and wagging his tail. All thanks to some amazing doctors at the Vet Ranch. But that’s not all, though. I still haven’t told you the best news ever.

Ice’s personality was so great, and everyone fell in love with him so deeply, that when he went into his foster home, the family loved him so much they decided he could never leave. They adopted him right away.

Ice found his forever home, and that is the best news ever.

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