This puppy's choice to choose happiness throughout life is one we can all learn something from

Pitbulls often get the short end of the stick in the doggy world. Due to their history of dog fighting and aggression, many people think they aren’t loving dogs, which just is not the truth. When Pitbulls bred a long time ago, they were created to be family loving dogs. Of course, many Pitbulls remain this way today. For Matilda, an adorable Pitbull puppy she made sure to take the path of love and happiness. Although she has had some battles, she never let them get her down.

Before Matilda arrived at the Douglas County Animal Shelter, she lived on the streets of Georgia. When she came into the shelter, all types of things were wrong with her. The poor puppy had worms in her stomach and bad skin. You would not even know there was anything wrong with her. Matilda kept on smiling and wagging her tail.

One volunteer Santina Sanders comments,

“She gave the sweetest kisses!”

Later she adds,

“She was the cutest thing ever.”

This volunteer was not the only one to adore Matilda. Many people agreed with her. Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo of Pibbles & More Animal Rescue also loved the Pitbull puppy. She loved her so much that she took her to live with a foster family. The entire ride home, Matilda wagged her tail and had a smile on her face.

Kerrie Rich, Matilda’s foster parents says,

“She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked.”

Even though Matilda has had a rough life, she does not let it define who she is. Every day she chooses happiness and that is a great way to live life. If you would like to see more of Matilda, please watch the video below!

Rescued by Pibbles & More Animal Rescue-PMAR GA ❤️ I just absolutely LOVE this girl!!! Matilda is about 2 months old, stinking cute, and is a happy, happy girl. She almost has a smiling face. Just adorable! Stop in and see this doll! Please ONLY adopt her if you are patient, willing to teach her the right from wrong. She will be ready to play, nip until taught not to, chew up some personal belongings, and crap everywhere…. play time is a must for pups. Douglas County Animal Shelter, Douglasville GA, 770-942-5961

Posted by Santina Sanders on Friday, August 18, 2017

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