This Sweet Boy Was Only Minutes From Being Put Down Before Real-Life Angels Intervened

When animal control found Robin, he was walking with a horrible limp. They sent the poor boy directly to a high-kill shelter. Robin was in serious jeopardy.


You see because he was injured when they picked him up, Robin was scheduled for euthanization right away. He had only been at the shelter for a short time. The poor boy most certainly appeared to be doomed. Except, then the most unexpected miracle happened.

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Out of nowhere, a car full of rescuers screeched into the parking lot with five minutes to spare. They ran inside and grabbed Robin, saving him from certain doom.

The rescuers raced Robin to a spot called the Vet Ranch. What they discovered there absolutely floored every worker on the premises.


At the Vet Ranch, the first thing they did was give Robin an x-ray to check out that bum leg. They wanted to check and see if the bone was even broken or not.

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The vets were super excited when they found no signs of any breaks on Robin’s x-rays.

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While the doctors do think that someone hit Robin with a car, they were delighted that he didn’t have a single break or fracture. The poor boy was almost put down, and there wasn’t a single thing wrong with him.

The doctors became even more delighted about the unlikely rescue as they got to know Robin.


As soon as Robin got used to his new situation, his adorable nature came out. He is a cuddly, loving, snuggle bug that adores giving hugs.

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Robin quickly became one of the staff’s very favorite clients. His sweet nature won everyone over. Thank goodness his rescuers saw something in him that fateful day.

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Soon, the word got out about Robin’s sweet-natured attitude. Of course, it didn’t take long for someone to notice and attempt to adopt him.

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We are happy to report that within about a month of his initial rescue, Robin found his forever home. His new mom says that he is getting appropriately spoiled.

Please share this story with your friends to highlight just how vital adopting and rescuing animals can be. There was nothing wrong with sweet Robin. Without those rescuers, though, he would have crossed the rainbow bridge that day.

Adopt, don’t shop, and please spay and neuter your pets.

Watch the video posted below of Robin’s time at the Vet Ranch.

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