This Swimming Bear Smiling For The Camera Might Be The Cutest Thing Ever

Here at Animals Being Cute there’s nothing we love more than a happy animal. And we’re just not sure we have ever seen a happier animal than the one you are about to meet. You see, Bruiser Bear lives at the Single Vision Animal Sanctuary and, like all bears, he really likes swimming. Luckily, on this particular day, someone was there with a camera to capture every beautiful moment as the beautiful boy enjoyed some time in the sanctuary’s pool.

Did you know that bears could smile? Yeah, we didn’t either. Read on to find out more.


Just like we used to do it when we were kids, Bruiser Bear uses the pool’s ladder to get himself up the side. As the man films the bear, Bruiser climbs the ladder and prepares to fly.

Image Screenshot By SingleVisionInc via YouTube

Now, we aren’t going to score Bruiser on style. You see, the adorable bear proceeded to do a combination belly flop and dive into the pool that for a human would have been painful.

Image Screenshot By SingleVisionInc via YouTube


It was after the first dip into the water that Bruiser really started to perk up. It doesn’t take him long at all to work his way to the side of the pool. Of course, you realize quickly that’s because he can’t wait to go again.

Image Screenshot by SingleVisionInc via YouTube

It was about that time that things start to get truly interesting. As Bruiser approaches the side of the pool, he shoots what looks like a self-satisfied smile at the cameraman.

Image Screenshot By SingleVIsionInc via YouTube

Then, as he climbs out to start the process over again, the man shooting the video asks him if he is having a good time.

Image Screenshot By SingleVisionInc via YouTube

This time, there’s no doubt that’s a smile. Just look at that adorable bear.

Watch the entire amazing video below.

Featured Image Screenshot by SingleVisionInc via YouTube

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