This Tiny Penguin’s Reaction To His Rescuer Upon His Release Will Melt Your Heart


It’s difficult to comprehend how there are still people in the world that think animals don’t have feelings. Now that we have the internet, it’s not hard to find story after story about animals, wild or not, showing humans their gratitude and love. Here at Animals Being Cute, we love stories like that.


Take the story we are about to tell you, for example. It is proof positive that animals need our love. This time, it’s a wild Blue Penguin, and his tale will touch your heart. Warning, graphic images below.


Luckily there are people like Sabrina Luecht in the world. In September 2017, Sabrina opened a rescue center called the Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue in New Zealand. She is a wildlife biologist, and she opened the center so that she could help endangered species when they are hurt — and she does it all for free.

Recently, because of La Nina conditions, a lot of young seabirds find themselves in trouble. Sabrina cares for Shags, Hutton, Shearwaters, Seagulls, Petrels, different species of owls, Kereru, and Blue Penguins like the little guy in this story.


When rescuers found the little Blue Penguin on the beach, he was not doing well. The poor guy had been stuck in a fisherman’s net and cut his head pretty bad trying to escape. He was also completely exhausted by his ordeal.

blue penguin with laceration on his head
Image from Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue via Facebook

Sabrina knew exactly what to do for the little guy, though. He spent six days under her care. In that time, he received medications, antibiotics, fluids to rehydrate, a special diet, and plenty of rest. Before long, the Blue Penguin was looking much better.

penguin swimming in little tub looking much better
Image from Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue via Facebook

Sabrina knew that it was time for the little guy to go back where he belongs — the ocean.


Sabrina took the Blue Penguin back to the spot where they found. She laid him gently down on the sand and stood back to watch him leave.

Sabrina releasing the blue penguin on the beach
Image Screenshot from Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue via Facebook Video

Except, the penguin didn’t leave. It sure seemed like he was going to. He sure started toward the edge of the water with his wings flapping all over the place.

blue penguin running for the ocean
Image Screenshot from Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue via Facebook Video

Then, though, the little guy stopped short all of a sudden, much like we do when we have forgotten something. In a very deliberate move, he turned around and looked back at Sabrina.

penguin stopping on the way to the water to look back at rescuer
Image Screenshot from Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue via Facebook Video

The penguin stood there and looked at Sabrina pointedly. We are confident that he is saying, “thank you for saving my life.” Then, with the flap of his wings and the slap of his tiny feet, he wiggled and splashed back into the ocean.

Watch the entire video below.

Blue Penguin

Release of a rehabilitated injured blue penguin adult (not a baby!!) back to where it originated from. The penguin had sustained a significant head wound from freeing itself from plastic netting. Pain relief, antibiotics, vitamins, rehydration, feeding and rest ensured a successful return to the wild. Video: Ben Foster

Posted by Kaikōura Wildlife Rescue on Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thank you, Sabrina, for all the wonderful work that you do.

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Featured Image Screenshot from Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue via Facebook Video

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