This Tiny Toddler Teaching A Gentle Giant To Sit Will Be The Cutest Thing You See Today

Is there anything more adorable than children and dogs? I certainly don’t think there are many things that can top it, that’s for sure. On top of the adorable factor, socializing your kids with dogs, when done safely, can be beneficial to both the children and the animals.

Kids who grow up with a dog in the house learn patience, kindness, and responsibility as well as many other important life lessons.

Luckily for everyone, parents across the county realize this, and they keep the cameras rolling to capture all those sweet moments. Moments like these are worth their weight in internet gold.


This adorable toddler is teaching her gentle giant, a glorious Great Dane, how to sit. There is only one little problem. However, the doggo doesn’t speak baby.

Image via Rumble Video

The tiny tot is doing all the right things. Treat in hand; she even sounds assertive as she belts out her delightful “sit” command. But for a few moments, the enormous dog seems utterly mystified as to what is expected of him.

Image via Rumble Video

One thing you quickly learn about this little powerhouse, though, is that she is as persistent as she is adorable. She doesn’t give up and, finally, her persistence pays off.

Image via Rumble Video

Of course, the precocious little girl knows that isn’t the end of the trick, though. After her delightfully happy reaction to getting the beautiful boy to sit down, she tosses him the treat he so obviously earned.

Image via Rumble Video

It could not be more obvious that this pair of best buddies is going to go places together. Already, the spotted giant is learning to speak the language of that precocious and adorable little girl.

Watch the video below.


Again, raising kids and dogs together can be incredibly beneficial to both parties. There are some guidelines, however, to how dogs should interact with kids.

WebMD did a full rundown of exactly how to introduce a dog to children depending on their ages, and you can find that by clicking here.

Image via Pixabay

Overall, always remember that kids and dogs can be an unpredictable combination. Like in the video, when children are interacting with the dog, they should be under constant adult supervision. Of course, once the child gets to a certain age, around three, they will probably be the best of friends, and the need for supervision should be less.

Remember, though, to keep a constant eye on those babies because until they reach a certain age, they can be random. And I mean both the furry babies as well as the bald human versions.

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Feature Image via Rumble Video

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