UPS driver entertains himself by snapping photographs with every dog he meets


You’re walking down the street, and you see a dog, what’s next? Most of us, unless it’s a service dog, always want to stop and appreciate their “dogness.” It turns out; it’s no different for a UPS driver from New Orleans named Jason Hardesty.

You see, he figured out a while ago that meeting new dogs and snapping photos with them made his days a little brighter. And, with well over 60,000 followers on Instagram, it seems that the internet agrees with him.


Jason describes himself as a “very easily entertained UPS driver.” Take a look at his work:

Here is a photo of Jay and Bit — the cutest little Pitbull puppy we have ever seen.

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Jay and Bit #pupsofjay

A post shared by Jason Hardesty (@jhardesty) on

And here’s a photo of Jay with the very appropriately named “Stan the Man.”

Obviously, a UPS driver is going to see any number of gorgeous and beautiful things every day. Sadly, they probably see some ugly things as well.


Luckily, though, Jason takes the time to capture some pretty magical stuff.

Jay captures moments like this one, where we get to meet this gorgeous boy named Kingsley.

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Jay and Kingsley #pupsofjay

A post shared by Jason Hardesty (@jhardesty) on

Or this adorable photo with Jay and Carlos:

We aren’t sure who is more photogenic, though, the cute dogs or Jason himself.


Now, as we looked at all of Jason’s photos, we realized he also captures his home city in a light that appeals to anyone who loves New Orleans.

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@thenomadicastrologer @_toricarpenter

A post shared by Jason Hardesty (@jhardesty) on

It evident as you scroll through Jason’s Instagram that he loves both dogs and his hometown.

His genuine enthusiasm, warmth, and love for the animals shine through with each photograph.

Like this photograph that he snapped with an adorable pupper named Ruby:

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Jay and ruby #pupsofjay @offbeatmagazine

A post shared by Jason Hardesty (@jhardesty) on

Or this big old roly-poly Pug named Sophia.

Jason started sharing these snaps around a year ago with the hashtag #dogsofjay, and it’s taken off from there.


We know one thing for sure, we can’t get enough of Jay and his dogs.

Check out this one with Jay and itty bitty Kash:

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Jay and Kash #pupsofjay @arise_newday

A post shared by Jason Hardesty (@jhardesty) on

And this photograph with Jay’s new buddy, Charlie:

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Jay and Charlie @charliethegymdog #pupsofjay

A post shared by Jason Hardesty (@jhardesty) on

A few minutes on Jason’s Instagram is enough to make you want to quit your job and work for UPS instead.

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Jay and Rongo @sleepingcurves #pupsofjay

A post shared by Jason Hardesty (@jhardesty) on

All at the same time, you will also want to head to New Orleans as soon as possible.

Now, don’t worry, Jason’s not alone. There’s a whole group of UPS drivers that caught on to how fulfilling this could be and created a Facebook group called, “UPS Dogs.”

For more, you can follow that group on Facebook as well as Jason’s Instagram page.


Featured Image Screenshots (L) jhardesty via Instagram (R) jhrdesty via Instagram

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