This Woman's Unusual Ride Through a Drive-Thru Went Viral (Video)

Drive through workers in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania were shocked and delighted when Marcella Gruchalak came through their window while riding her horse named Buns. Yes, you read that correctly, his name is Buns.


The video was filmed by Gruchalak’s friend Shelly Tate. You can see Gruchalak “pulling up” to the window while riding her horse, Buns. At first workers in the restaurant are silent, and it doesn’t seem like much is going to happen.

However, once his owner orders a frosty for Buns, you can hear an employee shout, “she ordered a frosty for the horse!” as they burst out laughing.


Gruchalak said that riding Buns through a drive-through was an item on her bucket list. You see, the poor fella used to get very nervous and had a terrible time walking on different types of terrain.

Gruchalak worked tirelessly with Buns to help him get over his fears and learn how to travel on different types of terrain so he wouldn’t be limited in where he could go. With all the work, she found that Buns was able to handle things that would send most horses running for the hills.

“Another point I’d like to mention is to know your horse’s limits,” Gruchalek said in a Facebook post. “Know the types of situations your horse is comfortable in and the types of situations that make him nervous and do not do anything that is out of your safety zone for you and/or your horse. It’s all about good horsemanship and learning.”


After she ordered his frosty, Buns continues to be a good boy. He doesn’t seem fazed at all by the fact that he is in the middle of a city in a place that has only seen motor vehicles before.

Then you hear the laughter coming from behind the camera. It turns out, Buns and his owner have attracted a crowd. You can hear delighted laughter coming from a vehicle that has pulled to a stop to watch the show.


Then, Bun’s frosty is finally ready, and a worker hilariously asks Gruchalek if she would like a spoon. She replies that she doesn’t think Buns will use one.

Then, as quickly as it started, Gruchalek and Buns left the window and rode off into the sunset together, as it were.

The video quickly went viral and was even picked up by news outlets including ABC.

I have had riding through a drive through on my horse on my bucket list for years and today I get to check that one off because me and Funny Bunny B went through Wendy’s! I thought it would be extra humorous to take him through Wendy’s because he’s a red head just like Wendy. Thanks Shelly A. Tate for videoing and being up for it!#thewesternthoroughbred #ottbwestern #wendys

Posted by Marcella Gruchalak on Saturday, January 20, 2018

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