When they showed up to work, this box was waiting for them


Many different kinds of things get dropped off at charity shops. With that being the case when someone spotted a box sitting outside a charity shop in the UK, they didn’t think anything unusual was in it. Upon further inspection, the box contained someone’s pets that were dumped there.


Inside the box were 3 guinea pigs. A note on the box said, “RSPCA please can you find us a nice new home. Our mummy is poorly and can’t look after us anymore.” Richard Carr, an animal collection officer rushed over to get them when he got the call about the abandoned three-some.



“These poor guinea pigs had been dumped on a busy high street on Friday afternoon,” Carr stated in a press release. “They were found with food and water but the guinea pigs were very stressed and sitting in their own mess. One of the guinea pigs also has hair loss which could be a result of parasites.”



Carr first took them to a vet before taking them to the RSPCA Worcester Branch. The guinea pigs were reported to be in good health with some minor health issues. “They are doing very well and becoming quite popular with the staff,” Carr said.



Guinea Pigs Find A Forever Home Together


The guinea pigs were named Jon, Alan, and Richard by the staff at the RSPCA. It didn’t take long for this fun-loving furry guys to find a home together. Thankfully, all has ended well. But the outcome could have been much worse if they had not been found in a timely manner. Also, they could have escaped from the cardboard box and found themselves on the dangerous busy street.



Carr has issued the following statement about this incident. “These guinea pigs were lucky to be found by a kind member of the public who contacted us. We do understand that people’s circumstances can change which might mean they can no longer look after their pets, but there is never an excuse to abandon an animal like this. If anyone has any further information contact the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

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