Three-legged senior pup needs a loving home

Some dogs do not have easy upbringings. Zack, an older pitbull understands this. After living through a natural disaster, he ended up at a shelter. Sadly, he has been there for more than five years. Luckily, Zack has a great personality and is kind to everyone he meets, making him very likable.

Although Zack faced a troubled past, he does not let that determine his future. While on the streets, a tornado hit his hometown. This left Zack with only three legs because damages from the tornado affected him dramatically. During this time in his life, he struggled badly. Later, Villalobos Rescue Center found him. They have housed him for over five years now.

Even though Zack has three legs, he keeps up with everyone else! One Villalobos Rescue Center volunteer comments,

You would not know he has only three legs. He does not let it slow him down. And one of our employees will take him skateboarding, and he will run alongside the skateboard. Dogs with four legs get tired more quickly than Zack does. So he is pretty amazing.

She adds, “I’ve been here for almost five years and he’s been here for as long as I have. And he has always been this really cool dog. He has his own recliner so he is always cuddled up on that.

Because Zack has been there for so long and is getting older, the rescue really wants to find him a home.”

Lastly, she states,

Zack is definitely heading towards his senior years, and we really want to find him a home. I am routing for Zack because he has been with us for a long time and I always have a soft spot for the older dogs.

Please help Zack find a forever home. Older dogs deserve a nice place to live too!

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