Tied to a Tree and Left for Dead – This Girl's Making a Comeback

There aren’t many things that are more difficult than having to give up a pet. These days, though, there’s absolutely no reason to abandon your pet. No matter where you live, there are people nearby who will care for that animal. If you don’t believe me, keep reading — someone gave up on this girl and tied her to a tree in the park. She was left alone in the woods to die.

You won’t believe what happened next, though.


Let’s start at the beginning. As Little Things reported, it had only been a couple of weeks since a dog-walker found a female pitbull tied to a tree with a note asking someone to take care of her.

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Sadly, it happened again, and nearly in the same place. This time, though, there was no note, and it’s a miracle anyone was able to find the sweet girl. Whoever tied her in those woods did not intend for anyone to locate her, that’s for sure.

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Luckily, a worker at a local nursing home who was from the Bronx was wandering in the area recently.


Out of the corner of his eye, the worker saw something in the woods. He couldn’t believe it when he came upon the sweet dog, tied deep in the woods.

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He quickly snapped a photograph and posted it in a Facebook group.

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As we have seen time and time again, it didn’t take long for dog-lovers all over the city to respond.

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People from the area rushed to the woods with treats and food and water for the ailing pup.


A volunteer shelter worker named Jonathan Nolan was one of the individuals that saw the post on Facebook. When he arrived on the scene, he was instantly confused why anyone would abandon such a sweet natured dog.

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He formed an instant bond with the sweet girl. Jonathan took the orphaned girl to his house to get her some more food and a bath.

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For now, the dog is staying with someone associated with the New York Bully Crew. However, we have some good news. Jonathan liked her so much — he’s planning to adopt the black and white pitbull.

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Jonathan said he thinks the dog was left there to die because she got too old to breed anymore. Sadly, that’s all too common an occurrence these days.

We would like to thank Jonathan and everyone else involved in helping this sweet girl. Share this story with your friends, so they know that every dog deserves a chance and more people are waiting to help than you think.

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