Tiny Dog Found Under a Car Was too Scared to Let Rescuers Touch Her

Los Angeles is bright and sunny, a place to have good fun. Unless you are a homeless dog, then the heat and sun can really get to you. Two women getting set to head home noticed a small, fluff ball under their car. It was a small dog. They knew immediately they needed to help it. Unfortunately, when they tried to read for the tiny dog found under their car, she wouldn’t let them touch her.

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

The dog looked very young and obviously too terrified to let the women grab for her. The women didn’t want to just leave her there, and so they decided to call for help. They contacted Hope for Paws, and waited for them to arrive. The two women waited for over an hour for them to arrive. It was so sweet of them to wait, not wanting anything to happen to the tiny dog. When rescuers arrived, the tiny dog, later named America, was still huddled under the car.

Hope for Paws rescues tiny dog found under the car.

They surrounded the car with their signature colorful gates, just in case she wanted to bolt.

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

Once the car was surrounded, rescuers got down on the pavement – which was burning hot – to peer at America. She was terrified yet she never once growled or barked at them. She just lay there on the ground, forcing her rescuers to try and reach under the car to grab her instead. One of the rescuers, Loreta, stuck a leash under the car…

Image via screencapture via YouTube video

… but America inched away from it, terrified that the rescuers might be there to hurt her.

Image via screencapture via YouTube video

It didn’t take long for them to capture America. Once they finally got the leash on her, they were able to pull her gently out from underneath the car. America was finally safe. She quickly realized they weren’t there to hurt her. The dog began to warm up to them, snuggling with them and happily accepts their love and attention.

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

A new life for this homeless puppy – who also gets a first…

Rescuers drove America to the vet, where she got what may have been her first bath ever. Once she was clean and dry, America turned into the most playful pup there ever was, chasing her rescuers around and enjoying finally being safe and off the streets.

Image via screencapture via YouTube video

Little America turned out to be five-months-old, and such a sweet little dog. Once she warmed up to being around people, America became a playful pup. If you want to see her amazing rescue, check out the video below. Don’t forget, Hope for Paws can only do their rescues when you donate to them. Help support each and every rescue by following their page!

Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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