Tiny Hedgehog Trades In Dream House For A Tent, Pics Are The Best Thing You'll See Today

If you’ve never heard of Azuki the little Japanese hedgehog, well now you have.  He’s become an internet sensation for photos that have been posted and shared with him in his tiny dream house.   While his house was quite remarkable, he has now traded it in for a life of adventure.

Azuki has taken to the great outdoors.  Thankfully, Azuki’s human has captured photos of his trip so that we all can enjoy his cuteness.  Check out his miniature camping gear.  He appears to have prepared very well and forgotten nothing about his little escapade.  I especially like his miniature Coleman Propane Stove.  It looks like he is a pro at cooking.

If you have enjoyed these photos and if you’d like to see more of Azuki, check him out here eating one of his favorite foods, an apple.

Learn More About Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are nocturnal by nature which means that they sleep most of the day and become active at night.  One of the most distinctive traits of a hedgehog is his quills.  The quills are sharp and hollow much like a porcupine.  When threatened hedgehogs can curl up in a ball and extend its quills. If you are thinking about getting a hedgehog for a pet, be cautious about having hedgehogs around energetic children.  If kids play too rough and scare a hedgehog, it can extend its quills which can lead to injury for the child. Hedgehogs are quiet animals and non-aggressive if treated kindly.  But they definitely are not for the overactive family.  A larger animal like a dog or cat could easily injure or kill these sweet little creatures.  So consider carefully whether or not your home might be a good habitat for these gentle creatures. Upvote Downvote

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