Tiny Kitten Tries Her Best To Look ‘Intimidating’ To Her New Dog Siblings


Rescuing animals is what many people do when they adopt an animal from a shelter. But sometimes animals just show up that need immediate rescuing. That’s what happened for one tiny kitten found on the road by her hero, Sam Gerth.


Sam Gerth

The kitten, now named Nimbus was so young that she must have just opened her eyes the day that Gerth found her. She was covered in oil and dirt as she walked by the side of the road.


“We gave her a bath in the sink to try to clean her up a little bit, and then we turned on our space heater and let her rest in front of it because she was shivering and cold,” Gerth said. “She ended up falling asleep in my hand for about 45 minutes in front of the heater.”


Sam Gerth

Gerth said that his family already had two cats and two dogs in his family. So he wasn’t yet sure if he should keep Nimbus or not. While they decided what to do, they kept Nimbus separated from the other animals.


Meanwhile, Nimbus was starting to work her way into their forever family. “She very quickly stole our hearts, so that made that decision pretty easy,” Gerth said. “After a day or two, we decided it was time to introduce her to the family.”


Nimbus Fluffed Herself Up To Look Big.


When Nimbus met the dogs for the first time, she got as big as she could look by fluffing out her fur. Of course, she was absolutely adorable when she did that.


Sam Gerth

“She definitely is a brave little kitty!” Gerth said. “She stood her ground to every dog and animal she met!”


Sam Gerth

The family dog, Zep became Nimbus’s friend right from the first meeting. He is a sweet and gentle dog who just took an immediate liking to the little Nimbus.


The cats took a little more time to become friends. But over time they all grew to like each other. “They now get along great and play all the time,” Gerth said.


Sam Gerth

Nimbus is still a small kitten even though she is growing bigger every day. Maybe one day her body will grow to be the size of her big personality.


“She is a quirky little goofball and has a personality 10 times her size!” Gerth joked.


Sam Gerth

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