Tiny Kittens Found Abandoned And Alone–Then Rescuers Realized Why They Were Huddled Together


Cold, hungry and scared, the kittens clung to each other in the middle of the South African night. Just three days old, the babies hadn’t eaten for 24 hours. And they cried for a mother who had disappeared. Fortunately, two kind women from The Kitten Cottage, in Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa rescued the tiny ginger beauties, after the babies were discovered in the middle of a garden.

Tiny kittens huddling together for warmth
Image by SlideShow ForFun via YouTube video

The rescuers began feeding the kittens around the clock.

“Candice and I spent a weekend trying to locate the cat mama with no luck,” said Jo-Marié, one of the rescuers. “By the Sunday we started feeding the babies as they were screaming and hungry.”

Kittens kept caregivers on their toes

There were, after all, eight itty-bitty mouths to feed. So Jo-Marié, and Bernice, another caretaker, took over the busy job of feeding these little guys. It was several days before these little sprites were able to open their eyes.

Are these kittens cute or what?
Image by Jo-Marié, The Kitten Cottage via LoveMeow

However, these kittens were on the go as soon as possible

There were human moms to climb all over.

Hungry kittens on the move
Image by SlideShow ForFun via YouTube video

The babies were growing like little orange weeds. They received all the love and attention they needed from Jo-Marié and Bernice. And they didn’t have to worry about being hungry.

These kittens were well-fed
Image by SlideShow ForFun via YouTube video

No doubt about it, these kittens were growing!

All of them had healthy appetites.

Kittens are irresistible
Image by SlideShow ForFun via YouTube video

With their little round faces, they are little balls of kitty cuteness.

Who could resist this adorable baby?

These ginger kittens are so beautiful
Image by SlideShow ForFun via YouTube video

One of the things about caring for kittens is that they just grow up too fast. Sometimes you wish you could find a magic spell to put them on hold for a while because they are just so cute and so fun to play with. But these little fuzzbutts continued to eat voraciously and the next thing you know, they were ready for solid food.

And these kittens took mealtimes very seriously

No fooling!

Hungry kittens having a meal
Image by SlideShow ForFun via YouTube video

“They are all doing fine,” Jo-Marié said at the time. “They just turned five weeks old. They very cute [sic]…it’s going to be difficult to let go.”

Surrounded by love, with lots of toys and comfy beds to sleep in, these kittens were lucky indeed. Because they were orphans stranded on a chilly night, they wouldn’t have survived without the kind rescuers who took them in.

But what’s the best news of all? Each of these sweet babies has been adopted. May they always be safe and warm, with someone to love them.

You can watch the slideshow video below to see these kittens grow.

Featured image by SlideShow ForFun via YouTube video

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