Tiny Pit Bull Pup Is Born Different–She Is Determined To Grow Up Big & Strong

In Westchester County, New York, this nurse practitioner searched for a dog. Welcoming a newborn pit bull barely clinging to life, she knew she had quite the struggle ahead. Love was pulling them through, Marie DeMarco and little Sasha fought the battle together.

Born with a cleft lip and palette, Sasha seemed unable to nurse. This already put her at risk of death on her first day of life. They called Animal rescuer Courtney Bellew to help. After seeing Sasha’s need for immediate attention, she took Sasha over to DeMarco. DeMarco previously nursed ill kittens, so she had the experience. Then, DeMarco discovered Sasha suffered from a fluid buildup in the skull, called hydrocephalus, a urinary tract infection, orthopedic issues, and an upper respiratory infection.

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