Tiny Puppies Decided to Explore a Pool of Tar and Can't Get Out

In a back lot in India’s Rajasthan province, someone heard the frantic wailing of three tiny puppies. They were completely engulfed in a pool of tar, unable to move. Their cries for help were the only thing to save them. Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited came out to help the puppies as soon as they heard about their plight. After seeing how stuck they were in the tar, rescuers were a little disheartened by the situation. One of the puppies’ mouths was stuck open from the tar. Even worse, their cries were heart wrenching.

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited video

They could see immediately that it would be impossible to get the puppies completely free from the tar right then and there …

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited video

… so they decided to work around it, cutting out slabs of tar and earth so they could at least get the puppies back to the hospital to continue their rescue efforts there.

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited video

Rescuers free the tiny puppies from the pool of tar.

After being freed from the tar pool, rescuers rushed them to the Animal Aid Unlimited hospital. Once there, they would set about trying to free the puppies from the tar. The process required patience. Rescuers were worried the puppies wouldn’t make it, given that they’d been through so much stress. Regardless, they knew saving their lives would be worth it.

First, they applied oil to the puppies’ fur to soften the tar…

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited video

… and just kept applying it over and over again. Finally, the tar was slowly removed from the puppies’ tiny bodies.

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited

They were obviously scared and exhausted from the whole ordeal, but let the rescuers continue the process. Sensing that they were being helped, the puppies would endure for two hours more. Rescuers refused to stop, or give up hope, continuing with the baths and oil application.

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited

The tiny puppies were able to stand on their own again.

After several hours of an oil treatments, and soapy baths, the tiny puppies could stand on their own. It seemed, despite their odds, they were going to recover.

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited

The puppies were still going to need several more bath and massages before all the tar was completely dissolved. But finally, they reached a point where they looked like normal puppies again…

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited

…they even had one more miracle to achieve. Finding their mama. Somehow, they were able to track down their mother, and brought her to the shelter.

Image by Animal Aid Unlimited

The puppies were so happy to see their mom again, and even happier to finally be free from the sticky tar. Thanks to their rescuers they’re going to be completely fine — as long as they steer clear of any additional tar pits in the future.

Watch the full video below to see their amazing rescue below!

Featured Image by Animal Aid Unlimited via screencapture from YouTube video

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