Tiny Puppy Stranded On Dangerous Road Waits For Someone To Rescue Her

One day last fall, Nika Todua, and Irina Liklikadze were making their way down a busy street in Rustavi, Georgia, a country in Eastern Europe, when they spotted something small and furry on the pavement. So they took a closer look and realized it was a tiny puppy.

Image by Animal Friends via Facebook

Was This Puppy Abandoned?

Todua and Liklikadze, both volunteers with Animal Friends, a group that helps dogs, estimated the puppy was probably about one month old, and at first they weren’t even sure if she was still alive. However, then they touched her, and they could feel her tiny body move very slightly with shallow breaths.

“It was shocking because she was so feeble and doomed to death,” Todua said. “She was hungry, thirsty, and had a lot of worms … and she was very docile.”

Image by Animal Friends via Facebook

Fearing that the little pup might get hit by a car, something that unfortunately is all-too-common in Rustavi, the duo decided to talk to the locals, in the hopes they might find the pup’s mother. After all, this baby was far too little to be by herself. However, when they did, they found out the sad truth.

“We were told that the mother of this little puppy was hit by a car,” Todua told The Dodo. “We don’t know what happened to her brothers and sisters.”

Image by Animal Friends via Facebook

The women brought the pup home with them and began working right away on her malnutrition and started treatment for her parasites. Next, they tried to see if she’d eat a little bit. She was severely underweight, at only a half-pound. Then they decided on a name for her: E.T., after the beloved movie, because Todua and Liklikadze believed she looked more alien than a puppy.

But This Puppy Became Extremely Cute

Just look at this face and those little ears!

Image by The Dodo

With such dedicated care, it wasn’t long before this petite pooch started to gain strength and weight. In a span of nine months, her weight and size quadrupled and her days of languishing on the street were gone forever.

“She lives with one of the members of our organization,” Todua said. “She likes playing, walking, and eating. It’s funny, but she loves to eat cucumber and pumpkin. She’s a very happy puppy.”

As you can see in the group’s Facebook post above, this little girl has definitely put on weight. And it’s gratifying to see just how well little E.T. is doing, thanks to the love and support of two kind women.

Image by via The Dodo

“The most uplifting and emotional thing about this rescue was her transformation from faint and poor puppy to a happy dog,”

We couldn’t agree more. Isn’t she a beautiful dog? Let’s hope she has a wonderful life for many more years to come.

Featured image by Animal Friends via Facebook

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