Tiny Shepherd Puppy Abandoned At Shelter Won't Stop Crying Himself to Sleep


I don’t know how anyone could look at the face of little Jordy here and decide they didn’t want him anymore. However, sadly, that is exactly what happened. It only took a couple of months for this little pupper’s first family to decide they didn’t want him to live with them anymore.

So, in the sunny state of California, early one afternoon, the family rounded up his toys, a little bit of food, and his blanket and dropped him off at the Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California.


Jordy was barely two months old at the time. He was so shocked by his families betrayal that he went into shock. The poor little guy shut down emotionally for a while. He would only lift his head a tiny bit to sip water for a brief respite from the pain. He grieved the loss of his family and broke the hearts of everyone at the shelter too.

Jordy cried himself to sleep constantly.


Unfortunately, the shelter where Jordy’s family took him could only keep him for a short while. His handlers knew that if they didn’t find him a forever home that Jordy could be put down to free up much-needed space in the kennel.

At this age, Jordy should be running in the grass with his forever family. He should be hanging out in laps and getting rubs on his adorable little belly. Instead, he was sleeping on concrete and half-heartedly chewing on some old toys while crying himself to sleep.


Jordy’s story highlights a few different areas concerning pet adoptions. First off, you should always adopt a pet, instead of purchasing one. There are so many animals out there just like Jordy, who stand ready to unconditionally love a new forever family.

Secondly, never rush into getting a new pet. A dog is a huge undertaking and a constant responsibility that many people aren’t ready to handle. If you think for one second that you might change your mind, consider becoming a doggy foster parent first, to make sure you are making the right choice for your family.

The Carson Animal Shelter reported that Jordy was indeed adopted and has found his forever home. Sadly, there aren’t any photographs or videos of him with his new family.

However, you can be sure that he is safe and loved and as happy as any pupper is likely to get. Much like these guys in the video below.

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