She Told Her Husband The Puppy Was Jack Russell, But…He's Not

Sue Markham brought this adorable pup home from a shelter. She convinced her husband that it was a Jack Russel puppy, abreed that stays small.  There was no way he wanted a big dog.

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Her husband believed her and agreed that she could keep the pup. However, the size of the pup seemed to be far from the size of a Jack Russel.

This is Yogi

Eventually, they found out Yogi’s breed was a Boston Great Dane. 9 years later, the size of the dog fully developed into the size of a large, healthy Great Dane. The truth about Yogi shocked her husband, but he loves Yogi more than he ever thought he would. Even though Sue lied to him, he seemed fine with her little white lie.

The weight of a Boston Great Dane averages about 135 pounds, but Yogi weighs almost 200. Yogi’s height reaches 6’11”. Wow, that equals the height of an NBA player!

When Yogi reached 5 months, the couple noticed his size was already bigger than any Jack Russels they knew of. He had outgrown most of the sweaters and pet beds the couple had for him.  They had to buy him a horse blanket which fits perfectly.

Despite his large size, Yogi is friendly and outgoing. He recently befriended a neighborhood cat. Even though the couple does not own the cat, he often drops by the house to cuddle with Yogi.

Having a large dog means paying higher food costs. The couple dishes out almost $250 a month for his food. Look at this picture of his typical breakfast below!


Look how big Yogi is!

Due to his size, Yogi usually naps on the family couch, which is more than enough for him. The couple is also able to sit beside Yogi when he is resting on the couch.

Even though Yogi ended up not being a Jack Russel, the family loves Yogi for who he is and wouldn’t give him up for the world.

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