Tombi the street cat gave so much to everyone that passes by, they had to honor him in a big way

When I think about animals, without even trying I automatically put them in categories of either being wild, stray or someone’s pet. But there is another category to think about. Sometimes there are community pets, without homes but taken care of nonetheless but many people. Let’s take a look at a community cat named Tombii who’s life has touched the hearts of many.

Tombii was a much-loved neighborhood cat that lived in Istanbul. He sought out attention and was given affection by many. Though we aren’t sure who was feeding Tombii, he definitely had his caloric needs met by someone or maybe by many. Tombii was a rather pleasingly plump cat. He would lounge around town and just make himself at home in his town, much to the delight of people who passed by him.

Tombii had an adorably relaxing signature pose that has been captured and shared on social media. It didn’t take long for Tombii to become an internet sensation because of his reclining pose.

When Tombii passed away of an unknown illness in August, the town wanted to do something to remember their shared and much-loved cat. So they did something very special to keep his memory alive. They built Tombii a statue in the middle of town right at one of the places that he was often sighted.

Statue Of Tombii Was Inaugurated On World Animal Day

This was no generic cat statue. A special statue was made of Tombii out of bronze that perfectly captured his signature pose.  The statue was inaugurated on October 4, 2016 which was World Animal Day.

One of Tombii’s human friends wrote this sweet tribute to the famous feline: “You will live in our hearts. Mascot of our street, beloved TOMBII lost his struggle for life after a month and closed his eyes to life on the first of August.”

So how do you feel about community pets? Would it be beneficial or even possible in your town or city to have a community pet? TOMBII sure seemed to have a good life. He showed us all what can happen if we all chip in and care for each other.

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