Touching moment of a goose keeping a puppy warm after it was abandoned on the street


Many animals have a way of sensing when there is a need more than people sometimes. One goose has gone viral for the compassion that she showed to a just born stray puppy. This goose may have even saved the puppy’s life.

This story takes place on the streets. A puppy had just been abandoned by his mother. Sadly, this happens in the animal world just like it does in the human world. For one reason or another, the mother did not want the pup. All alone and in danger of freezing to death, the shivering puppy had a hero show up of the most unusual kind.

A goose literally took the cold and alone puppy in under her wings. She kept the puppy warm until the two were spotted by humans. A man found the goose and puppy. The puppy was cuddled up under the goose’s wings soundly sleeping. Just imagine what it would have been like to go from shivering to covered in goose down beneath protective wings.

The man took some photos of the two animals and posted them on social media. The photos and the story of him finding the unlikely duo has become an internet sensation. Two animals that without a human to look after them could have been sad statistics but instead, they found each other and thrived at the moment.

A Happy Ending

Just the photos of the goose keeping the stray puppy safe and warm would have been enough to make this story happy. But there is an even happier ending. The man who took these photos has adopted both the goose and the puppy. Now they will have someone caring for their needs. And to top it off, the puppy and the goose will get to stay together thanks to the good Samaritan who took them in.

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