Trapped Fox Waits Patiently For Help, Watch The Beautiful Moment When Rescuers Arrive

Young fox can find ways to get into the most unpredictable of predicaments.  It doesn’t help when human creations become dangerous traps for these curious and playful creatures.

One young kit found himself entangled in a football net.  He was so wrapped up in it so tightly that he surely would have died, had not someone come to rescue him.

Wildlife Aid heard about the kit and came to the rescue.  They came and carefully cut the ropes one strand by one strand at a time to free the little guy.  Thankfully the kit did not appear to suffer any long-term damage. He was able to be released after he was cut free.

70% of fox do not make it to their first birthday as explained by the wildlife rescuer in this video.  It’s important as humans that we help to keep the environment free of debris and hazards for all wildlife.  As this little fox goes to show us, they can find all kinds of things to become entangled in, including football nets.

Help To Protect Wildlife

Garbage also poses a hazard for wildlife.  The plastic rings that cans of soda pop come in especially can be a hazard.  Turtles and other creatures like this fox can become entangled in those plastic rings much like in this net.  One way to prevent animals from being trapped in soda plastic holders is to cut the rings before you throw them away. That way no matter what happens to your garbage after you throw it away, it will have no chance of entangling wildlife.  Of course always throwing away all litter is important too.

Hopefully, he will steer clear of nets in the future and become one of the 30% to celebrate his first birthday.

For now, enjoy this rescue and release of this precious and cute fox.

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