Truck Shows Up Man Gets Out, Animals Run For Their Life

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua has animals running to his truck in the Tsavo West National Park.  They hear his truck coming from miles away.  Why?

Because Patrick drives his truck hours every day carrying over 3000 gallons of water.  Some of us here in the states have jobs we go to every day that does not make as big of an impact as what Patrick is doing for little pay.

Surprisingly in Kenya, there is little to no rain during an entire year.   The ground becomes dry and cracked leaving NO WATER for animals. Sadly, the animals will just die.  He started delivering water because he thought  “The animals depend on humans if I don’t help them they will die,” Patrick said.

He delivers water to holes in the region where it’s needed.  Even the animals realize the metal truck chugging along is a lifesaver and they are no longer afraid.  Instead, they come running and crowd him as he releases the water valve.

Patrick’s Tale From A Trip

One night over 500 water buffalo was there waiting for him, they could smell the water with their keen sense of smell.  They started drinking as soon as I opened the valve.

“I was born around here and grew up with wildlife, I have a passion about wildlife”

We admire his commitment to the wildlife and risking his life to deliver water.  If you feel the same way share this with a friend.

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