Two Animals Share a Special Bond that is Unbreakable Even After Death


Gracie, an adorable dog, just passed away only a year ago. Although it affected her family greatly, it also affected someone else who shared a great bond with her.


Baby Grey is a neighborhood cat, who just so happened to be Gracie’s best friend. Ever since her passing, Baby Grey still shows up every day in hopes of seeing Gracie Again.


Gracie’s owner, Shea Belew Brennaman, explains,


“Gracie was an American Eskimo and stayed outside almost all the time. She loved nature and, while she was a protector of our house, she loved all other animals and they loved her.”



She continues,“We would leave Gracie tomatoes on our porch, as they were her favorite treat, and she would share them with the cat, which was a huge deal because Gracie was very particular about sharing food.When Baby Grey started coming over frequently, the two of them shared tomatoes and sunbathed together. Sunbathing was their absolute favorite activity.”



Gracie’s owner goes on to tell of Gracie’s lasts months: “Gracie spent most of her remaining days on the cold porch. I think part of it gave her relief but, in reality, she was saying goodbye to her territory and to all of her friends in her yard.”



She tells about the bond Baby Grey and Gracie shared: “Baby Grey came to see her several times in her last days and, while there was no tomato eating, the two just laid there to be with each other. They had that kind of connection where nothing needed to be said or done. They just wanted to be with each other.”



Lastly, she states, “It breaks my heart to see Baby Grey still looking for Gracie, but at the same time it gives me so much hope that these two animals had such a strong bond.”

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