Witness An Emotional Reunion Between Former Circus Elephants After 22 Years Apart

An elephant’s brain never forgets. While Jenny was a young elephant, Shirley was about twenty. They spent years together in the circus. Their lives were separated for almost 22 years.

When they were both brought to Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, they finally were reunited. The sight was incredible to watch.

What would happen seemed unsure to everybody. They thought they would not recognize one another and feel no connection. The possibilities frightened everybody.

The animals ended up bonding together. They bonded more than anybody had expected. At first, they did not recognize one another. When they got close to each other, it clicked.

Shirley gently touched Jenny’s face, and everybody was overjoyed. The movement of them reuniting moved everybody.

Nearly six years later, Jenny passed away. Luckily she was able to spend her last couple years with her best friend.

Watch the video below of the two’s heartwarming connection and share it with your friends!

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