Two Dogs Meet Their Adorable Sister For The First Time It's Unbelievable

Meet this Cuddly Duo that use to be inseparable.  Harlow the Weimaraner and  Indiana the Dachshund they take naps together, play together and eat together.  They had a perfect life.

Harlow and Indiana laugh together a lot.

Before Indiana arrived, Harlow loved her buddy, Sage.  However Sage passed away from old age and Harlow missed him but Indiana’s company softened the loss. So the two became very close pals.

But all of that was about to change…

Now they are welcoming a new little sister – Reese Lightning, the 9-week-old miniature Dachshund. Owners weren’t certain how the trio would get along. They thought it would take some time before the dogs would all be a family but to their surprise, the dogs bonded quickly.

The family is complete and Reese has been welcomed with open paws. The puppy loves nipping at  Indiana’s tail and nibbling Harlow’s ears. But the older siblings don’t seem to care in the least. All three have adjusted well and have a lot of fun together.  They also enjoy a snooze or two together.

Their parents write, “Harlow has a special bond with all of her siblings and Indiana is very protective of her new little sidekick.”

Harlow and Indiana love her a lot already. What a sweet, sweet trio!

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