Two dogs who share an inseparable bond are adopted together


Dogs have some very human-like tendencies. Even though we do not realize it most of the time, they can be exactly like us. Merill and Taco are no different. These two dogs are the best of friends. Once you see these pictures, you will realize how much like humans they truly are. It is almost like they are human best friends.

The pair lives at San Francisco’s Rocket Dog Rescue. Because Merill’s last owners did not want her because she needed shoulder surgery, they gave her to the rescue. It was there Merill met her new best friend, Taco. No one knows where Taco came from.


When Merill eventually received her surgery, Taco stayed with her throughout the entire recovery process. After that, they were pretty much inseparable.

These best friends loved to be together. Anytime the shelter pulled them apart, they would both cry, so they decided to keep them together.

Eventually, when Merill was ready for adoption, the shelter had to make a decision. When the time would come for one of the two to be adopted, the other dog would also have to go with them. It would only be the right thing to do for the pair.

The shelter knew that this meant that the best friends probably would not get adopted right away. So Jodi, a volunteer, fostered them for a little while.


After only a few weeks, a kind San Jose family adopted the pair. The shelter knew they did the right thing by making them go together.

Now the best friends enjoy sunbathing and running around the park. They love each others’ company more and more every day, Their new family adores them. If you want to learn more about these two, please watch the video below! This story is truly inspiring, make sure to share with friends!


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