Two Homeless Dog Friends Take Refuge In Schoolyard And Evade Rescue For Weeks

Hope for Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization, received a call about two homeless dog friends wandering the streets together. For weeks, people have tried to capture them, but the two pups evaded capture several times. When they took refuge inside a schoolyard, rescuers – Eldad and Loreta – from Hope for Paws knew exactly what to do. They secured the area around the schoolyard with fences.

Image by Hope for Paws via screen capture from website Paw My Gosh

Two Homeless Dog Friends Get Rescued.

It took two days to rescue the pups named Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Bear. Thankfully the school was closed, and the dogs eventually walked into the enclosed area. Eldad and Loreta swooped in for a successful rescue attempt.

Image via screen capture from video via YouTube

Rescuers had to move quickly before the two figured out a way to escape. After several hard falls, Loreta was able to capture Yogi with netting. He was, of course, terrified and tried to escape, but his friend Boo Boo ran over to make sure he was okay. Boo Boo began barking at the rescuers, yet made sure not to get too close.

Image via screen capture from video via YouTube

Loreta quickly slipped the leash through the netting before putting him in a crate. Now it was time to capture Boo Boo. Eldad managed to get him cornered to one part of the schoolyard. It was important to get Boo Boo caught as quickly as possible. During the process, Loreta fell hard on her knee but managed to catch the pup in the netting. She waited for him to calm down before putting a leash around him and taking him to the crate. Once inside, both Yogi and Boo Boo calmed instantly. Check out their amazing rescue!

Time for a bath!

The people who called Hope for Paws were welcomed with the sight the pups had been rescued. Loreta and Eldad took them to the hospital for a checkup and to get bathed. Both of them were covered in fleas and seemed to be relieved once the bath was completed.

Image by Loreta

Even though the process of being rescued was stressful on Yogi and Boo Boo, they seemed to be starting to trust humans.

Image by Loreta

From this point, they went into their foster home with Pal Rescue. It wasn’t long after that the two began to open up, playing with the other animals at the foster home. The rescuers hoped both pups would be adopted together, as their bond was very strong. And they got their wish!


Image by Loreta

Neville and Kenny adored the two pups and wanted to keep them together. Now Yogi and Boo Boo never have to fear where their next meal might come from, or where they’ll sleep. They have an amazing, loving forever home! Instead of a hard pavement to sleep on, they have a comfy bed. Their new dads shower them with love each and every day!

Image by Loreta

Featured Image via screen capture from website PawsMyGosh

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