Two Huskies Were Abandoned At Dog Park With A Heartbreaking Note, They Couldn't Believe It

A trip to the dog park is something dogs get excited about.  They wag their tails, bark, jump around and some even run and get their leashes.  But for two Siberian husky sisters, this trip was the worst day of their lives.

Someone had found a container of food and toys.

Inside the container, they also found this note that read

“Hi our names are Jada(black) & Layla (brown) we are nice 1 year old dogs, please don’t split us up.  Layla gets scared w/o her sister.”

The concerned bystander immediately called the park manager, Mona Ahmed.  When Ahmed arrived, she learned that Jada and Layla had been waiting for at least 3 hours at the dog park without supervision. Yet despite what could have happened the dogs they were now in safe hands.

Ahmed was concerned with what could have gone wrong had the dogs not been found in time.  “They could have jumped the fence and gotten hit by a car,” Ahmed said. “There is a very busy road right in front of the dog park. The speed limit is 50, but people go 65 or more.”

Leyla and Jada Await Forever Homes

Thankfully, no harm has come to the dogs and they are now in foster care.  Ahmed however, encourages people to do the right thing if they are getting rid of their dogs.  “This makes me feel angry. This is not the way you give dogs away. All they had to do was ask for help,” she stated.

If for any reason, you or someone you know needs to re-home your pets, please contact your local shelter.  There are people waiting to help.  Because giving up pets is traumatic enough on them, please don’t also put them in danger.  You never know who might have picked up Jada and Layla, nor what they could have done to them.  Always contact your local shelter for assistance in a case like this.

If you’d like to know more about adopting these sweet 1-year-old Siberian Huskies, please contact Fresno Furry Friends.  Because they are bonded sisters, it would be great if they could be adopted together.

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