Two Lynxes Spotted in Rare Standoff Make a Noise Sure to Make You Laugh

It is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, driving along with your friends and you spot something on the side of the road. That is what happened with Sarah Verney in Kokadjo, Maine. Two Lynxes were in the middle of the road in a stand-off. It becomes a once-in-a-lifetime moment for the fact you won’t see Lynx in the open. They generally stay in their natural habitat of dense boreal forests. According to Defenders of Wildlife, “lynx usually hunt and travel alone, and are slightly more active at night than by day.” That is what makes Verney’s video so amazing! Kokadjo, near Baxter State Park, is known for its wildlife and limited human residents. The two lynxes didn’t even bother looking in the car’s direction.

Two lynxes “caterwauling”

Image via screencapture via YouTube video

As it appears, the two cats were in the middle of a standoff. Most likely over territory, and Verney was able to capture them making a…unique noise. They were “caterwauling” to determine the winner of the standoff.

Verney wrote, “This is rare sighting of a stand off between two lynx that I was lucky enough to see with my own eyes! Once in a life time for sure.”

But what is “caterwauling?” It is a sound cats make for different reasons. They can make these weird noises when they’re ready to breed. If you own a domesticate, you know how annoying the females can get. With the two lynxes in the video, they’re in the middle of a territorial dispute. You would expect a dainty meow to come out of their mouths. Yet the sound that emanates is less meow and more of a yell. Kind of like two human kids yelling at each other.

According to National Geographic biologist Mark McCollough, “In Maine, home ranges average about 27 square miles for males and about 12 square miles for females…”

Image via screencapture from YouTube video

Amazing standoff!

Sarah and her friends – Peter and Tammy Mullen – are truly lucky to witness something that isn’t normally seen in the open. However, Peter Mullen said it was actually the second time these two cats had a standoff in the middle of the road. So maybe not once-in-a-lifetime for Peter, but how amazing would it be to see, and hear, this? Check out the funny video below!

Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video

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