When These Two Meet? Their friendship is Effortless

When a  European Lynx becomes best friends with a stray calico cat, everyone starts talking.  At the St. Petersburg Zoo in Russia, this very thing is happening.  A lynx has become best friends with a stray calico cat.

According to St Petersburg Zoo officials, the cat reportedly bonded with the Lynx on the first day they met, and the pair has been inseparable since. Sharing food, toys and many cuddles and kisses.  They even groom each other which you can see in the video below.

Photo Credit: http://webecoist.momtastic.com/

The homeless calico cat was only a kitten when she first stumbled into the lynx enclosure. Most residents in the area believe the kitten was homeless for awhile and would sneak into the Lynx’s home to get food and water.

The Lynx is the most endangered cat in the feline species. They are medium in size and have exceptional eyesight.  They can spot a mouse up to 250 feet away.  Instead of rejecting or even fighting her intruder, Linda the Lynx embraced her tiny visitor with lots of love and affection.  It had been as if she was waiting for a friend, and Dusja was the person for the job.

Watch the video to see the two best friends play and have fun like any other BFF’s would.

These two are so ADORABLE try not to say AWWWEEE the whole time you watch!

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