Unlawful killing of endangered wolves leave law enforcement searching for the killers

We are supposed to protect endangered species. But there has been a major problem in Oregon with killing an endangered species. Why? No one knows why these mysterious killings have been happening, but the state police are on high alert in Oregon to find these dead creatures and their killers.

An endangered species known as OR-23 is native to Oregon. Sadly, people have killed many of these wolves. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is not happy about these recent killings. The wildlife division administrator for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Doug Cottam states,

“We are upset and frustrated by the unlawful wolf killings in Oregon. Poaching of any wildlife is wrong and harmful to their conservation.”

Multiple similar situations have also occurred. Once this story came out, others revealed themselves. Elk hunters have used many excuses as to why they have killed the OR-23. After one elk hunter shot an OR-23 he knew he was in trouble. His argument was that it was for self-defense. Another said he believed it was a coyote. Other stories began to pile on.

State police have reported nine killings of the OR-23 wolves. State sanctions are not likely to help the ongoing problem. A study supports this theory. Maggie Howell, executive director of the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) comments,

“State-sanctioned killing is more likely to increase

poaching than reduce it.”

Brooks Fahy, executive director of Predator Defense explains,

The trend is indisputable. Individuals in Oregon are getting away with murder

If you have information about the death of OR-23, you can call Sergeant Chris Hawkins at 541-963-7175 ex 4670, or call in anonymously to the Turn In Poachers hotline at 1-800-452-7888. Also, you can make a donation to Predator Defense.

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