Friendship That Is So Unlikely It Will Totally Make Your Day Extra Special

Like us, animals sometimes have friends. Especially dogs. They really seem to be good at making friends. Even with animals from other species. Dogs make friends with cats and kittens, and even their wild canine relatives on occasion. And then there’s the fuzzy friendship between Osiris, a therapy dog, and Riff Ratt, his three-month-old rat companion.

Riff was adopted by his human parents at just four weeks old. The adorable tiny rodent hadn’t even opened his eyes yet, Happiest reports. And he needed to be fed with a syringe because he was so small. But Riff and Osiris soon playing and spending time together.

Riff and Osiris share a sniff. Screenshot by Osirisandfriends via Instagram

And Now They Have A Truly Amazing Friendship.

Time for a rest! Screenshot by Osirisandfriends via Instagram

Initially, Osiris and Riff’s adoptive parents were worried that the two might not get along, Reshareworthy reports. They needn’t have worried because the duo bonded right away. They are actually so close that Osiris even opens his mouth to let his cute little rodent friend clean his teeth.

Now that’s trust! Screenshot by Osirisandfriends via Instagram

“Riff Ratt really likes licking the inside of Osiris’s mouth,” writes one of their humans. “I’m sure you are all wondering if we’re afraid Osiris will eat Riff — NOPE! Osiris has helped foster and care for dozens of animals and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met.”

Like Riff, Osiris is also a rescue, having been abandoned in a parking lot. He was just a pup at the time. Fortunately, his foster family fell in love with him, deciding to keep him. Now he’s a trained therapy dog who helps his family take care of lots of different animals.

These two are adorable together!

Time for some fun. Screenshot by Osirisandfriends via Instagram.

And they love to snuggle.

Time to rest. Screenshot by Osirisandfriends via Instagram

Riff clearly loves to squeeze into tight spaces!

Nothing more fun than a tight squeeze! Screenshot by Osirisandfriends via Instagram

And, as the video shows below just generally have a blast!

Featured image by Osirisandfriends via Instagram

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