Unwanted Puppy Heartbroken After He Was Thrown in the Garbage on Boxing Day

Unfortunately, along with all the good things that come with the holidays, we also have the bad. When it comes to animals, as people who love them, we know the score. Every year someone gifts an animal to someone that doesn’t have time, money, or space for them in their lives. It never fails that whether it’s in the United States of England, puppies, and other animals are turned over shortly after the holidays by people that don’t want them around. Much like the unwanted puppy you are about to meet.


According to Pet Pals, this is how it all went down:

Image from Pet Pals GC via Facebook

“December the 26th AKA Wednesday started like every other day, usual chaos, usual 100 phone calls and messages, and then the dreaded I found a puppy message came. A small cute puppy had been found in the bin, not unusual here, but always more upsetting knowing he was an unwanted gift!”

Pet Pals reported that they went to collect the puppy they later named Barry Basura.


You see, little Barry Basura was only around four weeks old at the time. So, Pet Pals, knowing it was far too early for anyone to adopt him, still put a photo of him up on their page.

They put up the photo mostly so that people could get excited about the new pup, spread the word, awatch his progress, and donate to his care.

Image from Pet Pals GC via Facebook

However, because social media is what it is these days, the trolls came out to play on little Barry Basura’s post — and it wasn’t pretty at all.


“OMFG…. fast forward 48 hours…… over 633,000 people have seen the post, over 3.5K of shares, and 2500 comments… not all constructive, in fact very few constructive comments. Don’t get me wrong the sharing the page is fantastic, the PM’s from people wanting to adopt other dogs is fantastic, BUT the trolls, god give me strength.”

According to what Pet Pals GC wrote, people criticized the organization for a couple of reasons. First, people criticized the fact that they published the puppy before he was adoptable. Second, one lady clutched her pearls and couldn’t believe the puppy’s name was Basura.

Image from Pet Pals GC via Facebook

You see, Basura means “bin,” or “garbage can,” in Spanish — which was entirely the point of the adorable name. Though, trolls are going to troll, no matter how wrong they have things.

“This went on and on, like a dripping tap all day… moan, bitch, whinge,” wrote Pet Pals GC.

For the most part, though, things slowed and went back to normal. However, even after all the commotion, sadly, only 27 people donated money to help little Basura recover, and that’s the most frustrating aspect to the whole thing.

Thousands of people had time to write a snide comment or ask about Basura (only because he’s a puppy) and yet such a small fraction of those people actually helped.


Currently, Basura is around six weeks old. You see, in the beginning, Basura wasn’t well, of course. He was malnourished, had fleas, and was anemic as well. So the agency must be careful about when they allow someone to take him home.

Image from Pet Pals GC via Facebook

At this time, Pet Pals said Basura had received his puppy vaccinations, and he’s living with a foster parent. You see, it’s too cold in the shelter for the adorable little guy. Otherwise, he is on track to go to an adoptive home in a matter of weeks.

You can keep up with his progress if you follow Pet Pal’s page here. Remember, though, Pet Pals is not in the United States, so it’s unlikely you will get to adopt Basura.

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Featured Images from Pet Pals GC via Facebook

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