UPS Drivers Take Selfies Of Dogs They Meet On Route, The Results Are Epic

The internet seems to be going crazy over dogs lately. There are many Facebook groups where you can obsess over dogs with other equally obsessed dog lovers.

Some groups such as Dogspotting have rules that allow users to obtain points for their dog sightings. Some groups are more of a fun place to share memes and videos.

Recently, a whole new type of dog group popped up on Facebook called UPS DOGS. It is a place where UPS drivers all over the country can share their pictures they snap with the dogs they meet at deliveries.

Sean McCarren is the organizer of the group. Being around for only five years, UPS DOGS has over 200,000 members.

The Very First Selfie on UPS Dogs

Now that other UPS drivers across the country send him their own photos to post on the page.

This guy ran right up into the truck for his shot at the spotlight.

Some of the dogs the drivers meet along the way are BIGGER then they are….

Some are little but just as cute…

The Facebook page is not officially affiliated with UPS the company fully supports the group.

Dogs aren’t the only pets that run up to the UPS truck.  LOL…..

Visit UPS DOGS to see more photos of the friendly UPS drivers with cute dogs!

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