Vacuum cleaner scares toddler and Husky's reaction will make your day

For those of us that have the internet, we know that we can count on cute animal videos every day. We also know that on the scale of cuteness — when a baby joins a dog, well, that’s about as cute as it gets. The story we have for you today involves a toddler, a Husky, and a vacuum cleaner.

And, brace yourself, this might just be the cutest thing you have seen all day.


In the beginning, you can see that the adorable, curly-headed toddler is hanging out in the hallway. However, almost immediately you hear the vacuum start up, and all bets are off.

Image Screenshot from mgibison via YouTube Video

The second the adorable little tyke heard the loud, scary, vacuum, he took off for his best friend. The little boy’s best friend just happens to be a protective Husky.


The true cuteness begins once the toddler reaches his buddy.

Image Screenshot from mgibison via YouTube Video

Using his chubby little arms, the baby grabs hold of the Husky and hangs on tight. For the duration of the loud, scary, noise. Neither one of them moves a muscle.


Finally, the offending noise ends. The toddler slowly releases his Husky best buddy, and the pair slowly make their way back down the hall.

Image Screenshot from mgibison via YouTube Video

As you can imagine, the internet exploded after people saw the video.


You see, we all know that dogs are just as scared of the vacuum as the baby — if not more so. So, the realization that the dog stayed put for the tiny human totally made everyone’s day.

People both loved the dog as well as its best friend — a certain curly haired toddler.

One thing is for certain, the video made our day.

Check out the adorable video below:

Featured Image Screenshot from mgibison via YouTube Video

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