Vet trips are stressful, these vets tried to make everyone chuckle with their humor


Comedians are not the only ones with jokes! Recently, veterinarians have gotten pretty clever. Vets are getting funny on their signs and we are noticing. Please sit back and enjoy these veterinary clinic signs.


Make sure to read this sign carefully. The sign states,


“Free belly rubs with exam! Sorry. Pets only!”

Warning, this sign is not PG. This clinic definitely is crafty with their words:


“Your pets will love us. We Shih Tzu not.”

Action animal hospital channeled the war on drugs for this sign. The sign reads,


If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

Another sign we must warn you about before reading. But this clinic is pretty funny; they write,

“Its all fun and games til the anal glands explode.”

Now, this animal hospital definitely had to look this joke up. They state,


“Neuter your dog he will be less nuts.”

You will laugh out loud at this one! It reads,


“Adopting a chihuahua? Let’s taco bout it.”

Dalmatian owners will appreciate this one! This clinic writes,


“Why can’t dalmatians hide? They’re always spotted!

Now, this sign is very relatable for any dog owner. Be careful what you drop on the floor!


“The 5 second rule does not apply when you have a 2 second dog”

This one is for fellow cat lovers. The sign reads,

What’s the unluckiest cat to have? A cat-astrophe!”

Please brace yourself for this next one. It is a little raunchy! It reads


“Live nude dogs! Free lap dances!”

After reading these funny signs you might be in the dog house! It is good to see that veterinarian clinics have a sense of humor.


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