Vet Naps With Severely Burned Dog After House Fire,That's Dedication

As animal lovers, we all know there’s nothing worse than seeing an animal in pain and injured. Even for seasoned and professional veterinarians, now and then an animal comes in that stirs something within them. Vets are already our heroes for helping our fur babies when we need them, but this story will melt your heart. This vet is so dedicated to her charge that she laid down and slept beside him so he wouldn’t be alone with his pain after becoming severely burned in a house fire.


The dog we are talking about today is named Taka. Sadly, Taka was trapped in a house fire and grievously burned. You see, he was locked out on a screened in porch when the fire started. Reportedly, his family could not get close enough to the house engulfed in flames to get him out. They ran from the house and left Taka behind.

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No one is really sure how, but Taka somehow escaped the blaze and ran down the street. Luckily, a neighbor spotted him and took him to the emergency vet right away.

Image from Care More Animal Hospital via Facebook

He ended up with burns on his face and belly as well as extensive internal injuries.

“He had burns around his eyes, his mouth, his ears, his belly,” said Dr. Emily Martin, a vet at the Care More Animal Hospital. “We really didn’t know how severe his injuries were initially, just because we had to worry about inhalation burns.”


Unfortunately, at this time doctors do not think that they can save Taka’s eyesight. However, there is something special about this dog. Dr. Martin said she has never seen any injury this severe before.

Image from Care More Animal Hospital via Facebook

“It’s so severe it was the most helpless feeling ever,” said Dr. Martin. “I didn’t know where to start so I kind of froze crying until I could gather my thoughts.”

You know it was bad when the veterinarian in charge needed a minute. But that’s not all, Dr. Martin had a few other things to share about Taka.


Taka was in such bad shape, and he was still so sweet to those caring for him, that Dr. Martin developed a soft spot for him. So much so, that on the first night of Taka’s hospitalization, Dr. Martin took him home with her. You see, in the early days of being burned, pain levels are incredibly high, and she didn’t want his medication to wear off.

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And this amazingly dedicated vet didn’t stop there, either. Taka needed extensive care and a lot of treatment and attention. After spending the night awake with Taka at her house, she took him back to the clinic for the day.

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Since both of them had a rough night, they were exhausted. On her lunch break, Dr. Martin went to hang out with Taka to give him some comfort. Then, the cutest thing ever happened.

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They both ended up taking a little nap right there in Taka’s crate.


So, after someone at the Univerity of Georgia’s Veterinarian School found out about Taka’s condition, the hospital brought him in to give him breathing treatments. Dr. Martin had to spend some time away from her favorite patient, and that didn’t sit well. She knew, though, that he was where he needed to be.

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After receiving breathing treatments, Taka went back to the clinic at Care More Animal Hospital. As of right now, he is still there in the care of Dr. Martin and her colleagues. He has a long way to go for a full recovery and needs many operations. There is a GoFundMe to help pay for his care, so if you want to help click here.

Taka’s family gave the dog to the clinic, so, for now, that is his home. Thanks to Dr. Martin and her team, he is obviously well cared for and loved. Share this with your friends to help thank these amazing vets and raise a little money for a sweet dog determined to live.

Here’s a short video of Taka.

Taka is doing well today. He has a great appetite and is more interactive. It seems like he can see a little bit, as he navigates outside very well, mostly using his smell which is on point!! So we are happy to see that. He is still being kept on high doses of pain meds and sleeps a lot. He is strong and he is a fighter. Falling in love with this guy is the easiest thing we have ever done!! ❤️❤️

Posted by Care More Animal Hospital on Sunday, October 28, 2018

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