Veteran has the saddest last wish: finding his two cats a loving home together

We owe so much to our veterans. Yet many live in poverty. Others are struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and are not able to live a happy and healthy life. When a dying veteran has a wish, we all really need to listen and do what we can to help. Without veterans, we would not have our freedom. One terminally ill veteran has a simple yet very important wish. He wants his cats to go to a loving home together.

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A veteran in Pensacola, Florida is nearing the end of his life. His dying wish is that someone will take in his cats, Scooter and Big Foot. He wants them to have a loving home together. The cats have been with him for 7 years. They are a bonded pair. The local shelter, Pensacola Human Society has promised to find Scooter and Big Foot a loving home together.

The executive director of the Pensacola Humane Society, Jennifer Bitner said,

“We want to be able to support the community and not just the animal community, but also our citizens of Escambia County; and you start thinking about that fact that this is a veteran and this is literally one of the last things that he is requesting.”

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Scooter And Big Foot Were Taken In Despite Near Full Capacity At The Shelter

The shelter was near capacity but they took in Scooter and Big Foot anyways. Big Foot, the tabby cat is shy and sweet. Scooter, the black cat is a girl kitty who is friendly and curious. Together they are a perfect match and best buddies.

Bittner will see to it that the cats get adopted by someone who will love and care for their needs. “As a veteran to this country and what that stands for and how important the military is to this particular community, my hope is that someone will want to grant him his wish and come take these two little guys together and provide them their forever home,” Bitner said.

Potential families are starting to be interested in the duo. The Pensacola Humane Society posted,

“Thank you for your service, sir. Rest easy knowing your babies will be loved and cared for.”

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