Veteran In Wheelchair Struck Unconscious By Car, Hero Dog Isn't About To Leave His Side

Dogs truly earn their reputation as “a man’s best friend.” Love and loyalty towards their human fill dogs heart no matter how little love they receive back.  They want nothing more than to cheer us up when we are down. They want to be by our sides and do whatever it takes to keep us safe and out of danger.We hear stories of heroic dogs everywhere, but Endal might take home the Man’s Best Friend award.

When Endal was born they discovered he would suffer a lifelong joint condition called osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis effected both of his front legs. The owners questioned the Labrador Retrievers’s ability to be a service dog. His intelligence and problem solving outweighed his condition.

Allen Parton, a former member of the British Royal Navy, received Endal as his service dog.

Endal became the service dog for Allen Parton, a former member of the British Royal Navy who served in the Gulf War.

A car accident left Parton disabled and confined in a wheelchair. He lost almost half his memory. Making new memories became difficult for him. For a period of time, Parton was unable to speak.

Endal served as the perfect match for Parton. He retrieved items around the house simply from receiving hand signals. Endal knew to grab the razor if Parton touched his face.

The smart dog eventually learned many new tricks. He knew how to shop at the grocery store, help with the laundry, and get money out of the ATM.

A car hit Parton one day while the two were together. The hit was so forceful it caused him to fly out of his wheelchair and become unconscious.

Medics said the only reason Parton did not have worse injuries was because of Endal’s help.

The dog dragged Parton to safety. He positioned him in a recovery position. The dog even found Parton’s cell phone and put it in his hand. The dog got a blanket and laid it over his owner. He scurried to a nearby hotel where he barked until help arrived. Endal saved Parton’s life.

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