Veterinarian Helps Husky Abandoned With Horrific Injuries, How Could This Happen


There are people in this world who should never be allowed to own pets. Animal cruelty runs rampant every where in the world. The story of Da Hei, a Siberian Husky, was born from the cruelty of humans. However, his story has a heartwarming ending through the love of his rescuers. It begins in China. Two men decided they were going to perform the most heinous act ever…removing all four paws from a dogs body. Who in their right mind could do that to an innocent animal and still live with themselves? They proceeded to take him to the veterinarian office and drop Da Hei at the front door. There, Dr. Liu’s heart broke when he realized what this poor creature had endured.


His limbs had been torn off – on purpose! Dr. Liu couldn’t believe people like these men could do something so brutal. Thankfully, Liu was determined to make Da Hei better again.


Veterinarian saves Husky from a cruel act


Since the dog was missing all four feet, it would take a miracle for him to walk. Dr. Liu was determined Da Hei have a quality of life again. But what could possibly help? Liu described the dog as a “survivor”, coming up with a miraculous idea. Prosthetic feet. A company in Beijing agreed to help.


Husky gets prosthetic feet from veterinarian
Image via screen capture from YouTube video

Unfortunately, it wasn’t an easy process. Dr. Liu’s assistant Mr. Zhu recalls: “It wasn’t an easy process for Da Hei. I know for him sometimes walking was painful because the prosthetics weren’t adjusted right. But he was really brave. I kind of admire him.” He is also the first dog in China to receive prosthetic legs.


veterinarian fits husky with prosthetic feet
Image via screen capture from YouTube video


A forever kind of home


The process of adapting to the legs had to have been painful. But Da Hei was a fighter and slowly got used to his new “feet.” This dog is a symbol of the failure of humanity to treat animals with dignity. And yet, the kindness shown to him by one veterinarian proves humanity can still be kind. Da Hei is a symbol of endurance and determination.  Now he has a forever home with the kind Dr. Liu. Because without the vet, who is to say what would have happened to the Husky.


veterinarian adopts husky
Image via screencapture from YouTube video


To see more of how he got his new feet, check out the video below!



Featured Image via screencapture from YouTube video



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