Vets Can't Figure Out What's Wrong With Peanut–Kids Confess The Truth

Peanut, a pit bull puppy, was found lying unresponsive on the sidewalk. Animal control was called to the scene after receiving a report that the dog had been lying in the same spot for two days.

The officer who had found her rushed to her aid. It was a good thing he did!

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Drugs Found in Her System

The kids in the neighborhood confessed to a terrible secret. They had drugged this poor animal!

The vets, shocked to the core, had found illegal substances in her system. The kids had injected her with cocaine! After they’d injected her, they left Peanut on the street to die. THC had been found as well. A terrible mix for anyone, let alone a dog.

The concoction had caused her heart to race, and she dropped where she stood. Peanut had been on the brink of death when animal control had found her.

People wondered how kids had access to drugs.

Heading Towards Recovery

Faithful Friends Animal Society, in Delaware, took her in. When she arrived she was panting, her heart racing.

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The vets needed to act fast! They flushed her system of the drugs and prayed for the best. Already one-year-old and Peanut had witnessed the nightmarish cruelty of childish jokes.

Kevin Rentz, Society’s Marketing Manager, had this to say; “When she first arrived, she was unable to walk, stand, eat, or drink. Our vets had never seen mistreatment dealing with narcotics like this. It was heartbreaking.”

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Her tremors did not completely disappear. Eventually, she was able to stand on her own. Peanut was also able to drink and eat on her own.

Cruel Beginning, Happy Ending

After the longest night of her life, Peanut fought for her life. It took a couple of days on an IV for her to make a turnaround. After much emotional support, and medical attention, Peanut pulled through. She captured the hearts of all the vets and techs at the Society.

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It was announced on Facebook that Peanut received an ending she hoped for – a forever home! Her new owners renamed her Suzi. With persistent care, she made a full recovery. Now she has a loving family, a ball she doesn’t let out of her sight, and a long life ahead of her!

Featured Image by Faithful Friends Animal Society via screencapture from website

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